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Care Management:
Bringing Peace of Mind to Families

e are experts at finding solutions to challenging life situations
and have been doing so since 1989.

Firstat Care Management Services is a professional care management team that arranges for and oversees the care of older adults, and individuals with disabilities of all ages. Our professional care managers are experienced in assisting clients with issues related to their health, chronic illness, psychosocial, functional and legal/financial status. We are recognized in our community as leaders and professionals who have experience navigating through the maze of options, bringing clients and families an extraordinary combination of quality services, value and peace of mind. Firstat is your local advocate who respects the autonomy of the individual, services with sensitivity and supports the dignity of each individual. Our services are available throughout Southeast Florida. We are available to assist our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can feel confident knowing that your loved one is not alone.

Each client interaction begins with a gentle caring assessment of the individual and their needs, leading to a comprehensive plan of action with cost effective recommendations. Firstat’s Care Managers provide services that are tailored and defined by the client’s individual needs. We base our recommendations on our extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with aging adults and their families. Our Care Managers will adhere to the highest standard of practice while designing and implementing services that will maximize independence, ensure the client’s well being and encourage the individual to live a productive lifestyle. Our Care Managers have extensive knowledge regarding cost, quality and availability of services in the community where the individual resides. Unlike most single-focus providers, Firstat Care Management offers a comprehensive array of service options that are responsive to the changing needs of the client.

When Should you Consult with a Professional Care Manager ?

  • A person has limited or no family support
  • Family has just become involved with helping the individual and needs direction about available services and care solutions
  • A person has multiple medical or psychological issues and needs professional advocacy
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Concern for abuse, exploitation and neglect
  • Hospital Advocacy, medical file review, discharge planning
  • Coordinate home health care services and provide oversight
  • Medication management to ensure compliance.
  • Alzheimer’s and dementia specific intervention.
  • Relocation Service and coordination
  • Bill paying assistance and coordination.
  • Transportation: Driving Evaluation, Alternative transport support
  • Personal and home shopping.
  • Home maintenance for safety, renovation for ease and accessibility.
  • Grief and crisis counseling.
  • Referral to Elder Law attorneys, financial planners and community services.
  • Eligibility for State and Federal Entitlement programs:  Medicare, Medicaid, VA  
  • Nursing home advocacy
  • Evaluating long–term care insurance policies and benefit entitlement.
  • Exploring alternatives to Guardianship
  • Hurricane planning, evacuation and support

Service Explanation

  • Comprehensive Assessment and Long-Term Care Planning:
  • Care starts with an on-site comprehensive assessment to determine the current and future needs necessary to enhance your loved ones' life. The Care Manager will assess health, and medical needs, functional capacity/limitations, psychosocial/cognitive abilities, safety and environmental needs. Our Care Managers are skilled at determining the relevant issues with sensitivity and discretion. Following the assessment, we will provide a comprehensive written plan of action along with recommendations and cost effective goals and resolutions.
  • Complete Care Coordination and Ongoing Care Monitoring:
    The Care Manager will implement and coordinate services that have been authorized and designed to stabilize the individual’s health and personal needs. We will carefully select all necessary services with a focus on quality and cost effectiveness. On-going monitoring and contact will allow the Care Manager to build a relationship of trust, encouraging the client to feel more secure, minimizing the feelings of isolation and loneliness that can often lead to depression. A plan of care will be developed based on the client’s individual needs that will foster his/her independence.
  • Client Advocacy:
    The Care Manager will assist each individual member of the “client system” to understand fully the issues and concerns and arrive at a solution based on educated information. This will allow maximum decision making autonomy for the client and for the other individuals involved. The Care Manager will act as a liaison to families, keeping them abreast of significant changes or alerting them of problems.
  • Placement Assistance:
    The Care Manager will explore all appropriate long-term placement options. Independent retirement, assisted living or skilled care will be determined based on the client’s functional and cognitive ability. The Care Manager will tour recommended facilities with the client and/or family. We will assist the client/family in evaluating payment options/benefits that fit the client’s specific needs. We will assist the client in completing admissions paperwork and coordinate and assist with the complete move and transition to their new home.
  • Nursing Home Advocacy Program:
    Our Care Managers will visit individuals residing in a nursing home or rehabilitation facility to ensure the individual is receiving proper care and treatment. The Care Manager will act as an advocate and provide local support while monitoring facility services and delivery of care, consulting with the facility staff and reviewing the medical file. The Care Manager will also provide professional representation at the care plan meetings to ensure the clients rights are respected, and review the information with designated family members.

Our Services are utilized by:
Individuals who need care or are planning for their own care
Adult children and other family members.
Alzheimer’s Association
Trust Officers/Banks.
Financial Planners/Advisors
Physicians and Allied Health Professionals
Community service providers
Nursing Homes and Senior Living Communities
Employee Assistant Programs

Firstat Care Management Services would like the opportunity to build a long-term relationship between your family and our professional
care givers today

It is often difficult to help an aging or disabled relative without turning to a professional care manager, someone that will always be there, providing the same level of care and concern that you would, if you could be there. Our model of care integrates all the challenging dimensions of one’s life to focus on the client’s comfort and personal goals. We are only a phone call away. Please call us for a free phone consultation to review your concerns.

Firstat Care Management Services.

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